My Catholic Mala and the Jesus Prayer

I recently read a book called The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios. The fascinating narrative is about a young Greek's discernment between Orthodox Christianity and Hinduism. Although he remains anonymous, he writes of his encounters with the different challenges he faces. Ultimately he decides to follow the Christian life. The most intriguing aspect of the narrative is that even in the ashrams of India, he was able to practice the Christian faith while respecting the Hindu practices. He speaks of chanting his own Christian mantra and reciting the Jesus Prayer. This prayer was introduced to him by Elder Paisios, his spiritual director. How to pray the Jesus Prayer: The Jesus Prayer h

"I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28

Hello! It's been awhile! I attended a retreat through the Catholic church on LSU’s campus a few weeks ago. I didn’t know I was attending until three hours before...that’s right three hours. God really wanted me to go on this retreat. The theme was “I will give you rest.” Rest. Who doesn’t need that in life? Resting is more than closing your eyes and going to sleep. I have trouble with resting in the midst of a packed schedule. My goal after the retreat was learning how to rest. Finally, I found that these four internal actions are the easiest way to rest. Resign from your surroundings. In order to rest, you must start by taking yourself out of the chaos of life. Notice that you are not the s