Why I am Catholic

As an open and unapologetic Catholic, a lot of people ask me about the faith and share their opinions (whether good or bad) about Catholicism. People are curious by the idea of the existence of something so traditional in our modern world. Not only that but the mystery of what Catholics believe in. My journey to the faith was certainly winding. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a cradle Catholic, but I certainly grew up in the Church. I received the sacraments of baptism, reconciliation, holy eucharist, and confirmation. I went to a Catholic school until college. My parents were raised Catholic, but I didn't go to Church every Sunday. I believed in Jesus with a lukewarm faith searching for

Peace Be With You

Peace goes so much farther than a sign or a gesture. Peace is a feeling above all things. Some of my favorite moments are right before I teach a yoga class. That moment of peace, to separate myself from the day to fully devote myself to make others feel like their better self. Lately, I haven't felt much peace. I feel like I am getting lost in the "real world" of hardships and busyness. It almost feels like I'm drowning! Peace is more than a quiet place. It is state of being. If you can distance your mind from the outside clatter, that is peace. I've always thought that yoga teachers were completely zen-ed out and didn't worry about anything. Well, turns out yoga teachers don't do yoga becau