Facing Fear of Letting Go

A few weeks ago I did something not like me: I quit. I experienced a range of emotions. Anxiety, happiness, sorrow, liberation, and fear. Fear of not knowing what I’m going to do next. I knew intuitively I was not feeling satisfied, but when I followed that feeling I was on a rollercoaster in the darkness, not being able to measure what plunge is happening next. I trusted that feeling because I knew it was there for a reason and the time was now to stop ignoring myself. I was in control of my decision, but how was it that I felt so out of control? Letting something go that has such deep roots taught me a few things. The biggest problem I faced was a loss of identity. Who am I really if thi

Christian Meditation: featuring Barry Schoedel

Interviewing Barry Schoedel I interviewed Barry Schoedel, the Associate Director of Evangelization & Catechesis at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge. Buddhism interested him while in his early twenties. He had no knowledge of religion as a young adult after growing up in Seattle. He wondered what the material world and social statuses had to play in the purpose of life. He attended many 30-day silent retreats and spent three months in India at the Tibetan Works and Archives. He studied meditation practices such as napisana shomata (single-pointed meditation), vadra (engaged imagination), and zogchin (natural awareness or object less meditation). Although he was awaken to the gift of