• Allyson Huval

Why I am Catholic

As an open and unapologetic Catholic, a lot of people ask me about the faith and share their opinions (whether good or bad) about Catholicism. People are curious by the idea of the existence of something so traditional in our modern world. Not only that but the mystery of what Catholics believe in.

My journey to the faith was certainly winding. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a cradle Catholic, but I certainly grew up in the Church. I received the sacraments of baptism, reconciliation, holy eucharist, and confirmation. I went to a Catholic school until college. My parents were raised Catholic, but I didn't go to Church every Sunday. I believed in Jesus with a lukewarm faith searching for more.

Between my elementary and high school years, I went to quite a few churches. I attended a United Methodist church, a Pentecostal church, a Baptist church, a few non-denominational churches, and many different Catholic churches. To this day I have much respect for all Christian religions and all religions for that matter. I met wonderful people and still know Christ-like people belonging to those churches.

After searching and searching I found a sliver of a light my sophomore year of high school. I was honored to have an amazing and inspiring religion teacher for two years beginning my sophomore year. Usually, each grade would have a different religion teacher so having the same teacher twice was truly God's hand.

She taught me about the true nature of Catholicism. She immersed me into the faith with an understanding and compassionate heart. It was then that I realized what Catholicism is about. I always thought that you had to be perfect and holy and strict to be Catholic. That couldn't be farther from the truth!

Catholics are SINNERS and broken! That's why we go to church! Because we need it!

We believe that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ himself. Until Martin Luther came along, there was only one Christian church which is now known as the Catholic church. The Catholic Church seeks to interpret and expand upon Jesus's teachings with continued research, study, and guidance. The Catholic Church is 2,018 years old and has the influence to back it!

I chose the Catholic Church because I believe in its Divine Truth. The Catholic faith is the paved path for me in a system of gravel roads. The Church leads me to a complete and full relationship with God. I am Catholic and I am proud!

Peace and Namaste,




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