A Green Post

Updated: Apr 29

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Practicing yoga allows us to listen to the center of our being, our heart center, where Divinity resides.

Exactly a week ago, I taught a yoga class about the heart chakra with Yogadevotion’s Embodied Lenten Journey. Simply put, the chakras are wheels of energy or light that exist within the subtle body. Chakras have certainly popped up more in popular culture in the past few years, much like yoga. Just the other day I found a book titled The Chakras Activity Book & Journal at Target. My exploration of the chakras has been ongoing, and one day I hope to share that journey with you. For now, I’d like to reflect on this very simple interplay of love, nature, children, Jesus, yoga, and the color green.

When Cindy first asked me to teach this class I was shocked at the synergy of God’s hand. I have always loved the heart chakra, but there was one time in particular that has remained an integral part of my yoga practice through the heart chakra. It seems my best stories come from my training with Next Generation Yoga which is where this story begins.

We were playing a game. The goal of the game was to get one person to perform an action by a lead of applause. Think of it like saying “warmer, warmer” but using claps instead of voice. I was the one who was “it.” I walked out of the room while they discussed. I slowly walked into a very climatic slow clap. I moved throughout the room noticing I was not only drawn to the chakra hanging on the wall, but my friends were clapping louder and louder. I touched the hanging on the symbol of the heart chakra, the painted color green. The applause was even louder until suddenly I drew one hand to my own heart while the other hand was on the hanging and everyone went crazy! That moment of pure joy will never leave me. How lucky was I to have the guidance of other amazing women leading me to recognize my heart’s center?