Let's Build Community

A few months ago I posted my new directions for Bethel Yogi. Bethel Yogi has always been a place of self-reflection but I've longed for a sense of community. I know my expression is needed, but sometimes it feels like I'm just typing to no one, you know?

It is now time for me to introduce you to a new kind of community: The Catholic Yogis.

Here people can engage in an open dialogue of what it means to be Catholic and practice yoga, whatever those words mean to each individual. I look forward to hearing your voice and all the beauty within your gorgeous and difficult moments. You can join the group here and visit the website here.

Below is my post on The Catholic Yogis, a window into what the words "Catholic" and "Yoga" mean to me.

Student | Seeker | Steward

When first beginning my journey at the intersection of faith and yoga,